The Easy-Tech is an universal device to remind you while moving away from the car with the baby on board. It alerts the vehicle drivers by sending an acoustic, visual and haptic alarm to their registered smartphone. As the Easy-Tech is universal, you can use it with all available child seats on the market without altering safety performance. Once installed in the child seat and connected with the RECARO Kids App, the connection is completely automatic – simply close the accessory.

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You simply have to attach the Easy-Tech to the shoulder pad or 3-point seat belt using the clip on the back, close it, and you're ready to go.

Once you reach your destination, de-buckle your child and simply open the accessory to deactivate it.


The Easy-Tech, works with the RECARO Kids App. You need to download the App, follow the instructions to connect the smartphone and the accessory and you're done. For a maximum level of safety, the RECARO Kids App has three levels of alarm:

Alarm 0: 
If the driver moves away from the vehicle in which the active Easy-Tech is installed, the system sends out a simple distance alert to the smartphone. From this moment, the driver has 3 minutes to carry out activities like grabbing the groceries from the trunk or stopping gasoline, in complete serenity and without alarms.

First level alarm: 
If the driver moves away from the vehicle for more than 3 minutes, an acoustic, visual and haptic alarm will be triggered that can be muted within 40 seconds.

Second level alarm: 
This is activated when the first-level warning is not silenced within the time window provided and sends an alarm message to all the pre-set emergency numbers with the information required to geolocate the area where the baby is located.

The RECARO Kids App comes with a package of alarm messages that will decrease with every second level alarm message by a number equal to that of the emergency contacts entered. Alarm messages can be bought through the RECARO Kids App. In case of insufficient residual alarm messages, proceed with the purchase of one of the packages available in the “Purchases” section of the App. If the number of alarm messages is insufficient, the system is disabled and is not working.

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