The comfortable travelling companion.

< 18 kg | 60 - 105 cm | 3 months - 4 years


Is there anything better than picking fruit outside with dad and falling asleep contented in the child seat afterwards? With smart openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat, the little rascal can enjoy the highest level of comfort thanks to optimal air circulation. Mum and dad can breath easier too thanks to the reboarder Kio, which can securely installed in the rear seat in just a single click with the corresponding Avan / Kio Base. And the best thing: before that, the Avan / Kio Base can be used with the infant carrier Avan.

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Modular system

With the Avan / Kio Base, the infant carrier Avan is installed in the car in just a single click. This makes hectic everyday family life easier for parents and installation more secure, thanks to the indicators, which display when the infant carrier has been correctly installed. When the baby gets bigger, the Avan / Kio Base can be used in combination with the reboarder Kio up to the age of approx. 4 years. For long-lasting joy and many lovely trips and excursions.


Rear-facing transport, optimised side collision protection and the intuitive ISOFIX installation offer little explorers maximum safety in the rear seat. When facing away from the direction of travel, in the event of a frontal collision the forces are distributed across the entire body, whereby the sensitive head and neck areas stay protected. The child seat fulfils the stringent safety standards in accordance with UN R129.

Air ventilation system

Fresh air keeps everyone happy. This is ensured by openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat cover, which allow for continuous air circulation. Greater comfort is impossible. Whether they are on a quick journey to see granny or with the whole family on holiday for the summer – the little explorers are kept in the best mood. Regardless of how long the journey is.

Advanced Side
Protection (ASP)

The integrated protectors can be quickly and simply folded out on the door side. In the event of a side collision, the energy absorbers reduce the force that would act upon the child. The combination of seat structure and side wings offer double protection from side collisions. In any car.

Smart harness buckle

Simple and safe fastening thanks to the intelligent harness buckle: when the baby is removed, the harness buckle tilts forward and stays in this position. This way, when the child is put in place, they are not sitting on the buckle and parents are able to strap their baby into the seat securely, comfortably, and quickly.

One-handed adjustment

The reboarder Kio has five resting positions, whether placed in a front or rear-facing position. The resting position is very flat and enables little explorers the most wonderful rest for sweet dreams. Above all, parents value intuitive and simple operation with only a single hand. This way, car journeys are more relaxed for everyone.


The flexible solution for today and tomorrow.

Easy and safe, every day.

The Avan / Kio Base makes the infant carrier Avan and the reboarder Kio your easy and safe everyday companion for any situation. Both models boast a practical, modular system and a base that can stay in the vehicle for the entire period of use. Thanks to the base, both child seats can be quickly and firmly installed in any car with just one click. Perfect for the fast pace of family life. The combination of base and child seat is a perfect match, both technically and in terms of colour.
From birth to a height of 83 cm (about 15 months), the infant carrier Avan can only be used rear-facing. It can either quickly and easily click on to the Avan / Kio Base or be strapped in using the vehicle’s seat belt. You can use the reboarder Kio for your baby from a height of 60 cm (about 3 months) or, with the additionally available newborn inlay, right from birth. We recommend using the reboarder rear-facing for as long as possible – if possible up to a height of 105 cm or about 4 years of age. Once your little one is 16 months old, you can also use the reboarder forward facing. For safe journeys – both long and short.

Safety Features For Every Journey

  • 5-point harness system:
    The intuitive and central harness adjuster with HERO harness guide enables the child to be fastened into the seat securely and simply
  • Patented HERO safety system:
    A single unit comprising shoulder pads, shoulder straps and headrest prevents the harness from twisting and slipping and simplifies the secure and easy fastening process
  • Seating foam:
    Perfectly adapts to your child‘s body shape and provides the highest level of comfort
  • Memory foam in the headrest:
    Comfortable for the child and is particularly adept at absorbing forces resulting from a crash or collision
  • Energy-absorbing shell:
    In the event of a collision, the energy is diverted through the shell and absorbed there
  • Coated belt tongues:
    Reduces heating up in hot weather – thus preventing your baby’s sensitive skin from getting hurt
  • Intuitive operation:
    All important functions can intuitively be operated one-handed
  • Ergonomic design:
    Flat side bolsters enable the parents to place their child in an ergonomic position
  • Height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness:
    Offers simple, individual adjustment for the growing child, thus providing them with an ergonomic sitting position

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  • UN R129/03 (i-Size)

External dimensions (W/D/H):

  • 44 / 46 / 59 - 65 cm


  • 7.8 kg


Find more measurements in our current RECARO Catalogue.

Downloads & Manuals

Avan/Kio Base - Manual

1.2 MiB



The Kio must be used in combination with the Avan/Kio Base.
We do not list all compatible car models, as there is a 100% match in the following cases without having a look into the list:

  • As the Kio is an i-Size product, it can be installed on all vehicle seats with certified i-Size seating position(s).

Continue your search, if: want to use the Kio on a vehicle seat with ISOFIX anchorage points.

Is the Kio compatible with my vehicle?

Please always check your car’s manual for possible notes/instructions/prohibitions from the manufacturer regarding the use of child seats in your car!

Sorry, this seat is not approved for your vehicle.

Reasons for denied approval can be:

  • Limited space for the child seat
  • 3-point-belt is too short
  • If it should occur that once the child seat is attached to the ISOFIX connection, and the seat covers the buckle there is no guarantee of a safe installation
  • Headrest of the car is not removable and prevents the child seat from being placed correctly
  • Storage compartment in the foot area does not allow installation of child seat or base with a supporting leg


Child seats with an ISOFIX connection:

If the vehicle has a floor storage compartment, using an ISOFIX base is restricted. This is dependent on whether the support leg of the base can be placed on the floor of the storage compartment (if necessary, remove cover) or if the vehicle manufacturer offers appropriate filling elements as an accessory to prevent the lid from breaking through.

Please read your vehicle's user manual thoroughly or contact your car dealership on this subject.

If these possibilities are not given we can't confirm the safe use of an ISOFIX system with support leg in combination with a floor storage compartment.

Thank you for your understanding.

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