Parenting for today and beyond

What can we do today to make life easier for parents tomorrow? It's the question we ask ourselves on a daily basis when we set to work. The world is increasingly dynamic, people's needs change fast, and it is not enough to repeat the same winning formula of the past: the needs of today must be understood and those of tomorrow predicted. This is why we are by your side to make all the great little daily challenges easier to face.

Ingenious solutions for ingenious parents

Smart solutions that last over time. This is our philosophy, this is ingenious design.

Our child seats not only look really good and provide maximum comfort for children, they can also grow with them over time making the work of parents easier. Our infant carriers adjust to your baby and not the other way round. They are practical, manageable and light.  We examine even the tiniest details which can have a big impact on the life of the parents and children.