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Avan  recaro-it.myshopify.com recaro-it
Avan  recaro-it.myshopify.com recaro-it
Avan  recaro-it.myshopify.com recaro-it
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< 13 kg | 40 - 83 cm | max. 15 months


The Avan is your perfect travel companion and will help you reach your destination every time and in complete safety – the one thing you really need for your children. We have developed our Avan infant carrier to exceed all safety requirements. It's not just about safety however. It's about technologically ingenious design for you and your child. Avan can be secured with the vehicle seat belt or with the optional i-Size base in a single click, for the safest and most enjoyable journey for everyone. Everyday adventure is so much more fun with the Avan infant carrier. It weighs just 4.1 kg so it’s light enough to carry throughout the day and we have made special adapters to fit the Avan to RECARO strollers and buggies – so you can move around effortlessly with your baby.

The Avan was declared a “Best product of the year 2020” by Plus X Award and received commendations for quality, design, ease of use and functionality.

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MODULAR SYSTEM. For your today, and their tomorrow.

A new companion, for your new journey. You should never change a winning team, and with our modular system you don’t have to. Both the infant carrier Avan and the reboarder Kio boast a practical, modular system and a base that can stay in the vehicle for as long as it’s needed. Using the Avan / Kio Base, both child seats can be quickly and firmly installed in your car with just one click - comfort is nothing without practicality. From birth to a height of 83 cm (about 15 months), the infant carrier Avan can only be used rear-facing, while you can use the reboarder Kio for your child from a height of 60 cm (about 3 months) or, with the additionally available newborn inlay, right from birth. We recommend using the reboarder rear-facing for as long as possible – if possible up to a height of 105 cm or about 4 years of age. Once your little one is 16 months old, you can also use the reboarder forward facing. For safe journeys – both long and short – as your child grows.


Modular system

The Avan infant carrier can be installed on the Avan / Kio Base, in just a single click. Designed for simplicity, the indicators on the base show when the infant carrier has been correctly installed. The Avan / Kio Base can be used in combination with the Kio reboarder as the child gets bigger, up to the age of approx. 4 years.

Air ventilation system

No detail is left to chance, and air quality is no detail. In fact the air ventilation system makes sitting over long periods particularly comfortable, and this is ensured by openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat cover, which allow continuous air flow. The secret of a good journey is to enjoy the ride and the design of the Avan makes sure everyone does.


It doesn’t have to be heavy to be resistant. Functional lightness is ingenious. Weighing just 4.1 kg, the Avan infant carrier is perfect for everyday use: light enough to carry throughout the day, from home to the car and vice versa, with no loss of safety. Smart design means removing the superfluous and making the most of the essential.

Smart harness buckle

The harness buckle ensures simple safe fastening: when the baby is out of the infant carrier the harness buckle tilts forward and stays in this position. So the baby does not sit on the buckle when placed in the carrier and parents are able to fix the harness system securely, comfortably, and quickly.

Travel System

To design the future we dared to imagine a better world and envision a new form of mobility. Our special adapters let you quickly fit the Avan to RECARO strollers and buggies, creating a seamless Travel System for moving around with your baby.

Extra large sun canopy

The extra large sun canopy with UPF 50 sun protection and the extendable sun visor shield your child‘s sensitive skin, from wind and UV radiation. At any time of the year, or in any weather condition, this is always adaptable, and always comfortable.
  • i-Size

    Rear-facing transport in accordance with UN R129 for maximum safety

  • Energy-absorbing inlay for the newborn

    As well as providing maximum protection, the energy-absorbing side materials of the inlay ensure a perfectly comfortable position for the newborn baby lying flat

  • 3-point harness system

    Your child can be fastened into the seat securely and simply with the intuitive, central harness adjuster and HERO harness guide

  • Automotive seating foam

    The foam adapts to your child’s body shape perfectly and provides the highest level of comfort

  • Adjustable and ergonomic carry handle

    A perfect shape for easy carrying, the handle can be adjusted to multiple positions

  • Coated belt tongues

    The belt tongue coating does not get hot to the touch and risk hurting your baby’s sensitive skin

  • Patented HERO safety system

    A single unit comprising shoulder pads, shoulder straps and headrest prevents the harness from twisting and slipping and simplifies the secure and easy fastening process

  • Intuitive handling

    Nothing complex about it: all important functions can be operated intuitively and easily

  • Advanced Side Protection (ASP)

    The integrated side protectors absorb energy in the event of a side collision

  • Flexible operation

    The infant carrier can be fastened in place with the vehicle seat belt or using the i-Size base in just a single click

  • Height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness

    Simple, individual adjustment gives the growing child an ergonomic sitting position


UN R129/03 (i-Size)

External dimensions (W/D/H):

44 / 66 / 59 cm


4.1 kg